Sunday, August 13, 2017

Ximiso - Korean Fast Fashion Brand

Yesterday I was looking for random decoration materials at the mall, then suddenly I was drawn by this new Korean fast fashion brand boutique. Oh! em gee, as in literally, I was balling my eyes out for an hour or so, staring at every products they have because they're so cute and also affordable. 

The store's name is Ximiso, its like Daiso from Japan but its more on fashion and beauty products.
Well, if you're a KDrama and KPop fan, then probably you already know how much they invest on cosmetics. 

 I took some photos, so you'll have an idea on what's inside the store.
 photo 2142e060-c166-40a1-b75a-31f8abe030d9_zpshipjnebn.jpg
This is what it looks like from the outside, it says "Ximivogue"
 photo 5dd4fea7-1461-47c4-bf48-594d8f1fced0_zpsl75hoe4f.jpg
but in their counter its says "Ximiso". 

 photo 60a15d2f-3646-443f-ae87-8b0879795505_zps5jezqwox.jpg
 photo b552d0e0-22ee-4af8-bf96-ef876b307548_zpsrjtnj2ap.jpg

From cosmetics, home decorations, make-up tools, women's and men's apparel they have it. Even accessories and snacks too!
 photo c9af40f9-b33d-41f4-9421-5e8a9ccc80ea_zpsx4pj6sad.jpg
I really like the color of their make-up brushes.
 photo e2986fa1-cea3-4a84-bce5-4dc44ece9c6e_zpsnys69jc3.jpg
 These body washes smells really good!
 photo ad4fded2-cbe4-4335-b534-0d0c7e4ebbe1_zpssaaafque.jpg

 photo 240a5527-4f96-4a83-94e4-719809736453_zps7jmdaysi.jpg

 Plushies kids and kids at heart!
 photo 8434ebd0-13c7-499f-9f3c-0ace6959dc7f_zpsbkroegqh.jpg
I also went to Wedoshop, its almost the same as Ximiso, they're just carrying different brands.
If you want to try and see their products personally, visit their store located at lower ground of Festival Mall. I'm sure you'll love shopping in here, just like I did. :)<3 br="" nbsp="">