Sunday, August 13, 2017

Korean Products Haul

I'm like a kid unleashed in a candy store yesterday. I couldn't resist, I end up buying some stuff. And just like what I've said they are very affordable.

 photo 1dcf46cf-4a15-4f15-ba87-297bdb1d179a_zps2jrstpmw.jpg

1) Eye & Lip Make-up Remover (₽159)
2) Eye Lash Curler  (₽99) - 
3) Composite Powder Puff - ₽99 - I want to try beauty blenders, kaso medyo pricy sa Watson's, that's why I get this, for 99 pesos dalawa na agad.
4) Bamboo Charcoal Compressed Mask - (₽99) - at first I thought it was candies, but it turned out to be face masks. I mean, hello that's a lot of face mask for ₽99. 

 photo c7e5aa1b-a560-4329-b1d1-e3da832f99b3_zpszzreyqav.jpg

5) Shower Gel in Jasmine (₽129) - 
6) Flower Dance Perfume in Pink (₽289)
7) Matte Nail Polishes in Black & Red - (₽99) 
8) Beauty Scissors (₽99)

I also bought some things from Wedo Shop, they have the same concept as Ximiso, but I think Wedo was the first Korean store in Festival Mall. Here are some of them:

 photo 415e661f-f6c3-46fd-b790-8e12bfafd87a_zpst7lo6ure.jpg

9) Matte Liquid Lipstick in #7 (₽49)
10) Bunny Hair Clips - (₽49)
11) Color Rich Lipstick in #6 (₽49)
12) Shining Me Perfume - (₽99)

Never talaga akong lumabas ng store ng ganito kadami bitbit ko, not even when I go to Watsons. I was so entertained by their Korean products. I'll definitely go back in this place.