Sunday, April 1, 2018

Hey hey!

I know, i know. I've been lazy AF with my blogposts, sorry about it guys. I'm just busy and had no time to update. And since its almost 1AM here and my brother and Ken is still busy assembling some PC shit, in my room. I thought maybe I should drop by here on my page to lessen some cobwebs. :D

I won't promise that I'll update as soon as possible but hopefully, I will. I just need some time to figure out how to catch up on my missed blog entries. Up and until on my next post! Happy Easter and April First! :)

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Korean Products Haul

I'm like a kid unleashed in a candy store yesterday. I couldn't resist, I end up buying some stuff. And just like what I've said they are very affordable.

 photo 1dcf46cf-4a15-4f15-ba87-297bdb1d179a_zps2jrstpmw.jpg

1) Eye & Lip Make-up Remover (₽159)
2) Eye Lash Curler  (₽99) - 
3) Composite Powder Puff - ₽99 - I want to try beauty blenders, kaso medyo pricy sa Watson's, that's why I get this, for 99 pesos dalawa na agad.
4) Bamboo Charcoal Compressed Mask - (₽99) - at first I thought it was candies, but it turned out to be face masks. I mean, hello that's a lot of face mask for ₽99. 

 photo c7e5aa1b-a560-4329-b1d1-e3da832f99b3_zpszzreyqav.jpg

5) Shower Gel in Jasmine (₽129) - 
6) Flower Dance Perfume in Pink (₽289)
7) Matte Nail Polishes in Black & Red - (₽99) 
8) Beauty Scissors (₽99)

I also bought some things from Wedo Shop, they have the same concept as Ximiso, but I think Wedo was the first Korean store in Festival Mall. Here are some of them:

 photo 415e661f-f6c3-46fd-b790-8e12bfafd87a_zpst7lo6ure.jpg

9) Matte Liquid Lipstick in #7 (₽49)
10) Bunny Hair Clips - (₽49)
11) Color Rich Lipstick in #6 (₽49)
12) Shining Me Perfume - (₽99)

Never talaga akong lumabas ng store ng ganito kadami bitbit ko, not even when I go to Watsons. I was so entertained by their Korean products. I'll definitely go back in this place.

Ximiso - Korean Fast Fashion Brand

Yesterday I was looking for random decoration materials at the mall, then suddenly I was drawn by this new Korean fast fashion brand boutique. Oh! em gee, as in literally, I was balling my eyes out for an hour or so, staring at every products they have because they're so cute and also affordable. 

The store's name is Ximiso, its like Daiso from Japan but its more on fashion and beauty products.
Well, if you're a KDrama and KPop fan, then probably you already know how much they invest on cosmetics. 

 I took some photos, so you'll have an idea on what's inside the store.
 photo 2142e060-c166-40a1-b75a-31f8abe030d9_zpshipjnebn.jpg
This is what it looks like from the outside, it says "Ximivogue"
 photo 5dd4fea7-1461-47c4-bf48-594d8f1fced0_zpsl75hoe4f.jpg
but in their counter its says "Ximiso". 

 photo 60a15d2f-3646-443f-ae87-8b0879795505_zps5jezqwox.jpg
 photo b552d0e0-22ee-4af8-bf96-ef876b307548_zpsrjtnj2ap.jpg

Saturday, August 12, 2017


 photo 2e896186-8a31-4048-96a3-4f4a470c81af_zpsizrkovwo.jpg
 photo bdbbf94e-a8af-45e9-8fb5-b618e340abe2_zpsq9vqdfis.jpg
Top: Penshoppe | Skirt: Style Zone Boutique | Shoes: Sketchers

But I'm pretty sure i didn't make a bad decision when I decided to show my "inner" K-POP style with this outfit.

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Fully Booked

Oh hello guys!

Fully Booked just opened another store inside MOA near H&M. For those of you who's not yet familiar, Fully Booked is one of the fancy bookstores here in the metro. I've first heard/learned it from Saab Magalona when I'm searching for suggestions where I can buy books. Of course there's National Bookstore but it mainly focuses on "school supplies" and "book references" rather than story books.
 photo 94dd96f0-ef05-4d48-ab77-a917bc62cfa2_zpsd4lwq3by.jpg

The first book that I bought from them was Eleanor and Park. They also have cute journals, stickers, comics, bookmarks. If you're a bookworm then you'll definitely need to visit Fully Booked.

Friday, August 4, 2017

Cozy Morning

There's always something about an empty café in a cold rainy morning. Oh! that soothing feeling. 💖

 photo 5099f6de-77c8-4f41-b09b-f050c557b3c5_zpssfo2ignp.jpg  photo 0a188b78-9b01-408b-b1d2-71747569ec38_zpsy8coyipk.jpg  photo 3452f74f-ee74-4a18-a2df-7eaddcfda5ca_zpstwkmlp0o.jpg  photo 856c8c0e-c8a4-4788-bfd3-6128cb71e959_zpsbfjrdclc.jpg

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Gloomy Thursday

"Thursday morning rain is falling." 🎶
 photo 4169fe08-98fd-471e-9d9a-a21e582578cd_zpsziy0s1x2.jpg
TOP: Bershka | Skirt: Baclaran | Shoes: Converse