Monday, April 24, 2017

When In Dreamland.

After we went to Caleruega we dropped by to Dreamland Arts and Crafts Café for lunch. Dreamland is one of the those "trendy" cafes today where you can hang-out with your friends play some board games or just chill, they also sell handcrafted stuffs. Again sorry for the blurry photos.

 photo ee737914-4d6e-428d-a02a-4ea9fe2f9eab_zpsab3rivcy.jpg  photo d00cf8d2-f671-414e-95ad-c29a0c841343_zpsvxkmzpwt.jpg
 photo a6261e59-e4b6-4613-a0c5-59ce97edb171_zpsjkbsircy.jpg
 photo 7a7c6f4b-e719-4ecb-91ba-bc86956f78a2_zpsx7e4jjfc.jpg

From the name itself "Dreamland Arts and Crafts Cafe" talagang "artsy" ang cafe na itey. Aside from crafts, they also have nice foods like pastas, sandwiches, smoothies, lemonades, frappes and desserts.

It is also a no wifi zone to avoid attachments with your smartphones and virtual world and just interact with each other as real life human beings.

 photo 30ff4f5e-3841-426b-ac0f-2ee07c08c8db_zpsyivzqy1z.jpg
 photo 6872c162-4824-4eca-b73d-1facfa362648_zpseixpgp7r.jpg  photo 23a8cd8a-525f-4a36-a073-d53e3facfa08_zpsaedotfju.jpg
Look what I've found in their mini book corner! Fifty Shades of happiness!!!
 photo ac59e92f-d7d6-4009-aa1c-7376d0f6e6c4_zpsydlzuuyr.jpg
Here are some of the foods we tried, The Mirellas Tuna Pasta (₱160), Indie Yanna's Baked Mac (₱170) and Lemon Water (₱25)

 photo 772c2497-9de8-4824-94f5-816fd1987b9b_zpsllmthvrq.jpg  photo f4d20476-c54a-4b6b-b20d-db126430924d_zpsdwobqubp.jpg
 photo 9f644c80-83a9-4f1d-b2b7-64dea1971372_zps9yd4qjdz.jpg
Ken and I really enjoyed the coziness of the cafe and of course the food, muka lang konti yung servings niya sa photos but its really worth the penny, kasi masarap and nakakabusog. Hopefully we can come back again soon to try other foods. I saw on their Facebook page that they've expanded the place, may rooftop deck na where you can do some art stuff such as handmade accessories. So cool!

For more inquiries check their Facebook Page, and Zomato for food menu idea.